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They can receive only one message at a time but can transmit multiple signals at the same time. The police scanner codes mainly consists of police scanner color codes, police scanner 10 codes, police scanner 11 codes and police scanner pedal codes. Free Online Police Scanner Codes.

The Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) or Unicom frequencies are typically used at nontowered airports. The most common are 122.7, 122.8, 122.9, 123.0. 123.050 MHz with 122.950 being the usual CTAF frequency of choice for airports with a tower. Pilot-controlled lighting systems (PCL) are used at some smaller, non-towered airports.
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  • The Digital Mobile Radio, DMR, search tool contains over 300,000 frequencies authorized for DMR voice use, including trunked system frequencies. DMR utilizes two-slot Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). Newer consumer radio scanners and software radio solutions can receive DMR. The P25 search tool identifies Phase 1 and Phase 2 P25 Digital ...
  • 33.0800 chattanooga civil defense 33.5000 roane county fire department 33.5200 fall branch fire 33.7000 scott county fire department 33.8000 carter county fire department 33.9000 nashville fire department 34.8100 fish and wildlife service 34.8300 fish and wildlife service 37.0600 roane county fire department 37.0600 rutherford
  • This page covers Aircraft radio frequencies used as aviation frequency bands. Clarke County VA I have a BCD996T Uniden Scanner and use the arc996 pro software & radio reference link to program it. In the conventional list of public service frequencies 1 fire and 1 sheriff are p25.